Follow Me A Study on the Identification of KPop Fans that Cover Dance

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FOLLOW ME: A Study on the Identification of KPop Fans that Cover Dance


Follow Me is an audience study on fans of Korean Pop (KPop) music that engage themselves in the participatory fan activity of covering dances. Cover dancing involves imitating KPop idol's choreography, appearance, style and behavior of performance. Many studies have been done on the identification of audiences toward fictional media characters but there are few purely qualitative studies on identification towards non-fictional media figures such as music celebrities. This study wanted to learn about the culture of cover dancing from the fans themselves and to know if and how they identify with the idols they cover. Through a group discussion and individual interviews, the study was able to categorize the kinds of identification that members of a reverse cover group from the Philippines experience toward the idol group EXO using von Feilitzen and Linné's division of involvement and Cohen's dimensions of identification. Based on the results of this study, four elements of cover dancing were analyzed: choreography, adlibs, appearance and aura. The change caused by the identification of the fans toward their idols was most apparent in their identity as artists. Their exposure to the Philippine KPop community has also affected the process of their identification.

Key Words: Korean Pop Culture, fan studies, participatory culture, cover dance, identification

Lansang, Carmela Joyce A. (2013) Follow Me: A Study on the Identification KPop Fans That Cover Dance. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines, Diliman.

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