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=To Dos=
=To Dos=
* hits counter
* linger-on accounting
* Mobile Version
* Mobile Version
* Text-to-Speech feature (e.g., [http://www.nextup.com Nextup implementation])
* Text-to-Speech feature (e.g., [http://www.nextup.com Nextup implementation])

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A flipbook on iskWiki (aka UP FlipBook - iskwiki.upd.edu.ph/flipbook) simulates the opening and flipping of a physical book or magazine for one to be able to read its contents. Its format on iskwiki is also used to restrict accessibility, cut-and-paste, printing, and downloading of the entire electronic book. These restrictions are usually stipulated by the author or by the university unit that authorizes the material's distribution.

Uploading of flip books require Dilnet accounts. Access to certain iskwiki flip books (especially those restricted by authors or thesis advisers) may also require such access credentials.

FlipBook Features

  • single-site, direct upload and on-the-fly pdf-to-jpg conversion
  • HTML5 browsing

Version Notes


  • Raff Alimbuyuguen
  • Don Cadavona
  • Thaniel Duldulao
  • Dominick Tunac
  • Jastinne Macalalad
  • Cristina Dalupan
  • Dawn Benigno

To Dos

  • hits counter
  • linger-on accounting
  • Mobile Version
  • Text-to-Speech feature (e.g., Nextup implementation)
  • .doc/.docx to FlipBook
  • drag-and-drop uploading
  • iskWiki articles to FlipBook[1]

See Also


  1. Articles on iskWiki grouped under a category can be made into a "book". See PdfBook Extension and PdfBook Tips, The book, in turn, should be rendered into FlipBook on the fly!