First Time Mo? Studying How Youth Vote Philippines’ PR Advocacy Campaign Strategy Affected UP’s First Time Voters

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This study looked into the attitudes of qualified first time voters of the University of the Philippines (UP) towards advocacy campaigns concerning voter registration and at the PR strategy that Youth Vote Philippines (YVote) has taken to push its advocacy. A huge part of the voting population is aged 18-35 and is classified as “the youth”. However not all are able to exercise their right to vote because they failed to register for the elections.

Some groups like YVote have taken the initiative to launch information campaigns regarding voter registration as their advocacy. In order to promote their cause further, YVote makes use of strategies to strengthen its relations with the public. UP is one of the schools that have been exposed to these strategies. This study used a survey and the focused interview to gather data regarding the students’ attitudes towards voter registration and the role played by YVote in forming these attitudes. Influence and prevalent information sources that surfaced in the study showed that UP students had a positive attitude towards voter registration. This perspective, however, was not influenced by YVote’s strategy, but by other factors.

Bautista, R.N. (2010). First time mo? Studying how Youth Vote Philippines’ PR advocacy campaign strategy affected UP’s first time voters. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines Diliman- College of Mass Communication.

Subject Index: Advocacy advertising--Philippines, Votes (People), State universities and colleges--Philippines, Elections--Philippines