Faculty members who wish to pursue higher education or specialized training outside UP may apply for fellowships on their own or through their departments or colleges. Faculty fellowships fall into four (4) categories: foreign fellowship, local fellowship, study leave with or without pay, and research fellowship. The duration, terms, and obligations on the part of the fellow depend on the kind of fellowship enjoyed. Only Instructors and Assistant Professors with regular items are entitled to fellowship. Study leave with or without pay is allowed for a maximum of two (2) years for those taking their master's and four to five years for those taking their doctoral degrees. The Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs also grants financial assistance to faculty who are doing their master's thesis and Ph.D dissertation at the respective amounts of P4,000 and P6,000.
Administrative Fellowships are available to administrative employees who intend to pursue higher studies and develop themselves professionally. Research fellowship can also be obtained by administrative employees who have earned units toward a graduate degree and plan to write their thesis on pioneer areas of University administration and development

source: Handbook on Benefits and Privileges of UP Faculty and Staff, 1993