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=Course FAQ=
=Course FAQ=

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Course FAQ

How to request for a new course?

  a. You can request for a new course through DILC Helpdesk; just indicate the course title and course code.
  b. You can ask a course creator assigned in your College to create a course for you.

How to reuse my course

   You can reuse your course using this instruction. Reusing or reseting a course is better than starting a new one.

How can I upload my files and share them with my students?

These steps:

    i. click on "Turn editing on" (on the upper left corner) | "Add a resource" | "File" 
   ii. type in "Name" of file | "Select files" | "Upload a file"  | Save 

How can I let my students upload file inside my course?

After logging in at UVLe using your DilNet account, go to your course and follow these steps:

    i. Click on "Turn editing on"
   ii. Click on "Add an activity" under the relevant section
  iii. Under "Assignment", click on "Advanced uploading of files" (if you want your students to upload multiple files) or "Upload a single file"
    * If you do not want any submission beyond a set deadline, enable "Prevent late submissions" option. 
    * If you expect that a single submission involves a large file, adjust the upload size accordingly.

Enrolment FAQ

How to enroll my students in an UVLe course?

   a. You can enrol your students manually inside your course. Just follow this instruction. Instruction
   b. You can ask your students to enrol in your course by providing an enrolment key. Instruction
    c. You can also let guest users to access your course by enabling the guest access mode. Instruction

How do I prevent students from enrolling themselves in a course?

If you are a teacher in a course, go to Administration > Course Administration > Users > Enrolment methods and disable (close the eye) of the self-enrolment option.

Why are users being unenrolled for no apparent reasons?

    a. In a course, go to Administration > Course administration > Users > Enrolment methods and click the edit (hand/pen)
icon of the self-enrolment option.

When a student self-enrols, can the welcome email message be customized?

You can customize the message at course level as follows:

     1. Go to Administration > Users > Enrolment methods
     2. Click the edit (hand/pen) icon for self-enrolment
     3. At the bottom of your screen is a box where you can customize the message for your course.

You can customize the message at course level as follows:

If a request is sent to uvle@upd.edu.ph, the DILC will create an UVLe course for any current faculty member of UP Diliman. Deans, department chairmen, College IT officers can also be authorized to create UVLe courses for their teachers.

5. What's the upload limit on UVLe?

For each file: 50Mb. No limit on the number of files. For files bigger than 50Mb, please see our torrent service.

For more information: