Engineering Week

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Engineering Week


Pre-EWOC Format

Engineering Week began as a collection of competitions and games held by student organizations of the College of Engineering. These included the following events:

Event Organizer Description Notes
Engineering Smoker Engineering Student Council The Engineering Student Association (ESA) was established in 1920 and is considered as the first student organization established in the College of Engineering. The ESA was the organization that represented students in the community, which was replaced by its subsequent alternatives like the Engineering Association Council and currently lives on as the Engineering Student Council.
Awitan UP KEM
Indakan Engineering Fraulein The Engineering Fraulein is currently defunct and was the first female-exclusive student organization in the College of Engineering. Upon it's dissolution, the UP ACES decided to continue organizing the Indakan.

Some of these events were originally intended and facilitated as university-wide competitions that allowed participants from other colleges; however, engineering organizations like the UP Industrial Engineering Club quickly became consistent main-stay participants which attracted both viewers and other participants.

The declaration of Martial Law in 1972 challenged the existence of student organizations and affected participation in the Engineering Week. Political organizations were repressed which caused the dismantlement of certain students organizations. Personalities within campus also refused participation due to general suppression of freedom within the university.

EWOC Format

The lifting of Martial Law in 1981 allowed minor improvements to student organization. Dissent grew and became more vocal as the economic crisis of 1983 was exposed, which compounded with the news of Ninoy Aquino's assassination. Student organizations slowly became shelters for discussions and organized activities.

In 1986, the Engineering Student Council transformed the entire event into a competition - by introducing the Engineering Week Overall Championship (EWOC) - to encourage participation. The UP Industrial Engineering Club was awarded the 1st EWOC after deliberately supporting all the events with their participation, and quickly established a winning streak that would last until the next decade. The new format of Engineering Week was still held on February, and continued without indication of the implications of demonstrations that today is better known as the 1st People Power Revolution. Before the end of the 80s, the engineering week was moved to December to include the Lantern Parade and other Christmas activities to the competition. The Miss Engineering competition was also introduced to further emphasize the challenges of women in the male-dominated profession of engineering.

Event Organizer Description Notes
Maskipaps Beta Epsilon Maskipaps was originally a variety talent show which showcased different talents.
Lantern Parade The College of Engineering
Miss Engineering Engineering Student Council


The streak of the UP Industrial Engineering Club was disrupted three (3) times during the 90s: twice by being dethroned by UP Chemical Engineering Society and once by campus violence; each leaving a profound effect on the competition.

The UP Industrial Engineering Club Era

The UP Industrial Engineering Club regained its streak in the start of the new millenia which it held for the next 20 years. The dominance of the organization often led to review of the format. Certain changes were effected to encourage participation.

In 2013, fielding multiple participants per organization were virtually disallowed in all events. Previously, many events allowed organizations to have multiple representatives, however, this allowed large organizations to field multiple representatives to secure more points. This, however, was offset by the inclusion of over a hundred day events for Engineering Week. Subsequent Engineering Weeks, however, slowly decreased the number of events and extended the celebration from one week to two weeks.

In 2014, the Engineering Week was moved to March of 2015 due to the academic shift which moved exams to December. Since then, the Engineering Week started after People Power 1 Anniversary.

A New Direction


No. Year Date Champion (EWOC) 1st Runner-up (EWOR) 2nd Runner-up Notes
34 2020 07 Mar 2020 UP KEM UP IE Club - 3rd EWOC of UP KEM
33 2019 13 Mar 2019 UP IE Club - 6941.63 UP ACES - 6850.66 UP KEM - 6412.78 30th EWOC of UP IE Club; Longest Streak of 19 EWOCs; Longest Duration of 20 years
32 2018 10 Mar 2018 UP IE Club - 7050.54 UP ACES - 6624.99 UP KEM - 5733.34 -
31 2017 04 Mar 2017 UP IE Club - 6963.65 UP ACES - 6633.31 UP ERG - 5683.29 -
30 2016 05 Mar 2016 UP IE Club UP Eng'g Soc UP ACES Scores are not published.
29 2015 Mar 2015 UP IE Club - 8005.03 UP KEM - 6973.37 UP ACES - 6757.95 EW was moved to Feb-Mar due to the academic shift.
28 2013 Dec 2013 UP IE Club UP KEM UP ACES The last year the lantern parade was included. The last year with an EW opening parade. Scores were published over and are no longer accessible.
27 2012 Dec 2012 UP IE Club - 10119.74 UP KEM - 7575.4 UP CIEM - 7474.73 The highest rank of UP CIEM in the whole EWOC history. The largest lead of UP IE Club. The last year of Cheerleadeng'g.
26 2011 Dec 2011 UP IE Club - - -
25 2010 Dec 2010 UP IE Club - - -
24 2009 Dec 2009 UP IE Club - - -
23 2008 Dec 2008 UP IE Club - - 20th EWOC of UP IE Club
22 2007 Dec 2007 UP IE Club - - -
21 2006 Dec 2006 UP IE Club - - -
20 2005 Dec 2005 UP IE Club - - -
19 2004 Dec 2004 UP IE Club - - -
18 2003 Dec 2003 UP IE Club - - -
17 2002 Dec 2002 UP IE Club - - -
16 2001 Dec 2001 UP IE Club - - -
15 2000 Dec 2000 UP IE Club - - -
14 1999 Dec 1999 UP KEM UP IE Club - 2nd EWOC of UP KEM
13 1998 Dec 1998 UP IE Club - - -
12 1997 Dec 1997 UP IE Club - - 10th EWOC of UP IE Club
11 1996 Dec 1996 Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Violence caused the awarding to be cancelled (For Confirmation)
10 1995 Dec 1995 UP IE Club - - -
9 1994 Dec 1994 UP IE Club - - -
8 1993 Dec 1993 UP IE Club - - -
7 1992 Dec 1992 UP IE Club - - -
6 1991 Dec 1991 UP KEM UP IE Club - 1st EWOC of UP KEM
5 1990 Dec 1990 UP IE Club - - End of 1st Streak of UP IE Club (5 years)
4 1989 Dec 1989 UP IE Club - - -
3 1988 Dec 1988 UP IE Club - - -
2 1987 Dec 1987 UP IE Club - - -
1 1986 Feb 1986 UP IE Club - - 1st EWOC of UP IE Club


Organization Nicknames Brief Description Establishment - Participation Chants Colors
UP Industrial Engineering Club UP IE Club, IE Club, UP IEC, IEC A university-wide organization that promotes Industrial Engineering 1967 - 1968 "IE Club! Win!", "IE Club! Win! IE Club! Won! IE Club! One!", "Passionate, Magnanimous, Victorious, Clubbers", "PMVC" Red, Black, White
UP Chemical Engineering Society UP KEM, KEM - - - Blue, White
UP Association of Civil Engineering Students UP ACES, ACES Example Example "Solid Big-time Forever", "SBF" Blue, White