Department of Geography

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Mabuhay! Welcome to the UP Diliman Department of Geography!

Geography focuses on the study of the Earth as the home of humans. As a holistic discipline, it examines human-environment interactions, spatial processes, and development of places and localities. It studies the physical and human processes of the Earth and investigates how these produce different landscapes. It uses geographic techniques such as spatial analysis, cartography, geographic information science (GIScience), remote sensing, and statistical methods to explore and comprehend the complexities of natural and cultural systems and how they relate to each other. Such understandings could bring about a better grasp of the factors that lead to the transformations of everyday spaces at different scales – local, regional, global.

As the only Geography department in the Philippines, we hope to bring Geography to where it should be - at the center of decision-making in our country. We take an active role in propagating Geography in order to raise awareness on how daily lives are influenced by human-environment interactions and empower localities in facing the challenges of an increasingly globalizing world.


College of Social Sciences and Philosophy · University of the Philippines Diliman
4/F Bulwagang Silangang Palma (CSSP Faculty Center), Africa St.,
University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City 1011, Philippines
Telefax 981-8500 loc 2222
direct line : 9252902