Conference Facilities on Campus

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This page includes information on lecture halls and equipment for hosting conferences and seminars on campus.

Lecture Halls

1. NISMED. Capacity: xxx Rates:

2. Engineering Theater - 2nd Flr, Melchor Hall. Capacity: xxx Rates:

3. Geodetic Engineering Theater - 4th Flr, Mechor Hall. Capacity: xxx Rates:

4. Faculty Center. Capacity: xxx Rates:

5. NCPAG Assembly Hall. Capacity: xxx Rates:

6. Assembly Hall at the College of Social Work and Community Development. Capacity: xxx Rates:

7.Palma Hall Audio Visual Room 207. Capacity: 60-100 persons. Rates:

8. Palma Hall Multimedia Room (4th Floor)

9. EEE Lecture Hall

10. College of Science Lecture Hall

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