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=Current Developer=
* John Mark Roco
=Past Developers=
* Jastinne Cesar Macalalad
* Jastinne Cesar Macalalad
* Ma. Cristina Dalupan
* Ma. Cristina Dalupan
* Christian Cedric Cruz
* Christian Cedric Cruz
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=To Dos=
=To Dos=

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Conference.UPD (conference.upd.edu.ph)
is a tool for organizing scholarly conferences. It enables organizers to

  • create conference websites
  • send out calls for papers
  • accept and review paper and abstract submissions online, without email clutter or overload
  • register participants
  • publish conference proceedings

Conference.UPD is based on open conference systems.

Terms of Use

Conference upd.jpg
  1. The use of the Conference.UPD service shall be consistent with the University's Acceptable Use Policy.
  2. Conferences organized by UPD faculty or UPD academic units may use the Conference.UPD platform.
  3. Academic staff may also use Conference.UPD to organize conferences, provided that these conferences are sponsored or co-organized by their own institutes or academic units.
  4. Conference.UPD is a do-it-yourself system. For funded conference projects or conferences requiring registration fees from non-UPD participants, organizers may request technical support from DILC, provided that honoraria for DILC staff are considered for their extra work.
  5. Any potential conference participant can register at Conference.UPD and, upon approval of organizers, may be included in relevant conference pages and mailing lists.

Current Developer

  • John Mark Roco

Past Developers

  • Jastinne Cesar Macalalad
  • Ma. Cristina Dalupan
  • Christian Cedric Cruz

To Dos

  • option to publish flipbook
  • social media tools