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Clod Marlan Krister V. Yambao, ( b. 1983) is a graduate of BA Art Studies at the University of the Philippines, Diliman and  currently taking his MA in Art History at the same university with a thesis about constructing the narrative of the  "Philippine POstcolonial Avant- Garde"  .  He is the author of the peer reviewed journal article entitled''', “Phallonoptic Malate:  Consuming the Spaces of Male  Desires, Power and Gazes  in the Streets of Jorge Bocobo and Maria Orosa, Malate, Manila”''' Humanities Diliman, Vol 6, Number 1 and 2, 2009 (in Filipino). He uses phallonopticism, a confluence of both phallus and panopticon,  as the critical category  in order to analyze the male homosociality of Malate. He  has delivered papers that dealt with contemprary art theory and aesthetics, diaspora, queer, popular culture, cultural studies and critical theory  in different international conferences

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