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This study measured the effectiveness of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Philippines cervical cancer campaigns in promoting the use of vaccine to Metro Manila young female professionals. The Metro Manila young female professionals’ behavior change process was the main focus and was assessed based on the prevention methods recommended by the GSK cervical cancer campaigns. With the Fear Appeals theory and Steps to Behavior Change as the guiding framework, this study employed qualitative and quantitative analyses to determine whether exposure to GSK cervical cancer campaigns by Metro Manila young female professionals affected their perception of being at threat and the resulting (if any) behavior change towards prevention of the disease. The findings showed that the GSK cervical cancer campaign messages were clear, relevant and truthful but were inadequate in influencing behavior change and eventual vaccination. Practical implications of the study include modification of campaign messages to incorporate specific instructions and guidelines, evaluation of other cervical cancer campaigns advocating cervical cancer awareness and utilization of random sampling scheme in order to make comparisons across age groups and socio-economic statuses.

Mayo, M.K.A.V. & Miranda, M.S.D. (2010). Cervarisk: An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of GlaxoSmithKline Philippines Cervical Cancer Campaigns, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines Diliman College of Mass Communication.

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