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928-3914<br />
928-3914<br />
920-1353 <br>
920-1353 <br>

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The Center for Policy and Executive Development (CPED) is a policy think tank, research and consulting arm of NCPAG. CPED has been extensively involved in capacity development initiatives and institution building programs in the country as well as among developing countries in the region.

The Center provides public institutions, non-government organizations, public corporations, and other local institutions and international organizations with the necessary professional expertise in dealing with issues of public policy, executive and administrative development, and governance. CPED has designed and implemented training courses as well as developed instructional materials for national and local governments, non-government organizations and international government agencies.


981-8500 local 4162

Director: Prof. Ebinezer R. Florano (Ph.D., International Christian University - Japan)

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