Casa De Los Niños

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Lavalle, E. C. (2010). Casa de los Niños, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines, College of Mass Communication.

This film is about the sibling love between two orphans, Daniel and Mona. Daniel is about to leave the orphanage but Mona contests the idea. In the last two days of Daniel’s stay, his insecurities, his wants, Mona’s needs, and their different notions of a family unravel. The term ‘family’ has no specific definition; it in fact varies depending on people’s perspectives. Moreover, its concept differs based on the needs of society. Social constructivism is shaped from an individual's learning and social interactions. Family is a social construct. In this film, Daniel and Mona have different views of family. Mona, being young at the age of 10, only sees her basic needs like food, clothing and shelter which the orphanage generously provide, that is why she is contented being there. She sees the orphanage as her home and the people as her family. On the other hand, Daniel, being mature at the age of 18, has more complex needs. He wants to have a ‘real’ and ‘complete’ family.


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