Campus Safety and Security

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17 March 2009


FOR: All Chancellors

ATTENTION: Vice Chancellors for Administration, Vice Chancellors for Community Affairs

SUBJECT: Campus Safety and Security

One of the paramount concerns of the administration is to promote and maintain peace and order and public safety within the campuses. The security of students, faculty, staff and guests inside the campus is as vital as providing the highest quality of education.
In view of this, the President has constituted a committee to study existing policies on campus security and formulate new policies, if needed to ensure security within the campus. Moreover, the committee is expected to come up with specific instructions on how to react to a disaster or emergency situation, which will be implemented systemwide.
We are therefore requesting you to send the following as initial information on or before Thursday, 26 March 2009.3
  1. Name of overall head for campuses safety and security and contact number
  2. Emergency landline and cellphone numbers (campus police, fire and health departments)made known to the constituents
  3. List of building administrators
  4. Floor plan per building
  5. Status of wiring system per building
  6. Inventory of fire escapes, fire extinguishers and fire hoses per building.

Vice President for Administration

cc; President Emerlinda R. Roman