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Its office is located at Community Affairs Complex, E. Jacinto  St, UP Diliman.  
Its office is located at Community Affairs Complex, E. Jacinto  St, UP Diliman.  
Telefax : 3618262<br />
Telefax : 3618262/ 359-04-12<br />

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This office evolved through many restructuring processes. The first name of this office was the Grounds and Building headed by superintendents. It was in the year 1947 that the office was formed in U.P. Manila, headed by Mr. Fructoso Aquino. During this time, another office, the University Architect managed by Arch. Cesar Concio, was also functioning. In 1968, the Grounds and Building and the University Architect were merged into one office called the Physical Plant Office (PPO). This office was headed by directors in their capacity from 1968 to 1984.

The office was lead by Mr. Romeo. Tomacruz, Juan B. Uy, Roberto Novenario, and Antonio P. Cruz. During the incumbency of Edgardo Angara as the U.P. President, three offices, namely the Physical Plant Office, the Campus Landscaping, and the Arboretum Office were fused into one entity, called the Campus Planning, Development, and Maintenance Office (CPDMO). It was supposed to have only two divisions, the Planning & Control Division and the Development and Maintenance Division, directly under the supervision of Vice-Chancellor for Community Affairs.

From CPDMO, another reorganization of the office took place in April 29, 1994 when the Board of Regents approved the creation of two offices, namely the Campus Maintenance Office (CMO) and the Office of the Campus Architect (OCA). Both offices were to be headed by directors and that were either appointed by the Chancellor and/or the President and approved by the Board of Regents.

At present, the Campus Maintenance Office (CMO), headed by Engr. Alden Jose U. Aynera, has three (3) divisions, namely the Building and Maintenance Division (BMD), the Grounds Services and Arboretum Division (GSAD), and the Dormitories & Housing Maintenance Team (D&HMT). Under the BMD & GSAD are sections like carpentry, electrical, plumbing, special events, motorpool, painting, welding, roads, sewer, & drainage, parks & garden, nursery & arboretum, sanitation, and beautification & landscaping sections that serves the Diliman Campus and the University as a whole.

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Its office is located at Community Affairs Complex, E. Jacinto St, UP Diliman. Telefax : 3618262/ 359-04-12

BMD Administrative Section - 4028
Carpentry Section - 4033
Dormitories & Housing Maintenance Team - 4030
Electrical Section - 4030
Painting Section - 4035
Plumbing Section - 4030
Special Events Section - 4033
Welding & Aircon Section - 4035

GSAD Administrative Section - 4031