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(Administrative Positions)
(Administrative Positions)
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[[Department of Speech Communication and Theater Arts]]
[[Department of Speech Communication and Theater Arts]]
[[UP]] [[College of Arts and Letters]] (June 2004 to present)
[[UP College of Arts and Letters]] (June 2004 to present)
==Courses handled==
==Courses handled==

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PhD Communication
CMC, UP Diliman, 2001
MA Speech Communication
UP Diliman, 1989
BA Speech and Theater Arts
Silliman University, 1979 (Cum Laude)

Belen D. Calingacion

Administrative Positions

Chairperson Department of Speech Communication and Theater Arts

UP College of Arts and Letters (June 2004 to present)

Courses handled


Com 3 (Practical Speech Fundamentals)

Speech 199 (Research)

Speech 200 (Undergraduate Thesis)



“Literature Alive: A Performative Approach To Teaching Literature,” School and Theatre in the Past and Nowadays (Az iskola szinjatszas multja es jelene), Academia Ludi et Artis, Miskolc, Hungary 2002 Technikai szerkesztes/Edited by Julia Nagy and Csaba Kedves

Educational Manual, Animation Tool Kit for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse (co-author), Stairway Foundation, Inc., 2003

A SPAFA Training on the Information Dissemination of the Southeast Asian Performing Arts: A Report, Masks and Voices, Vol. 3 No.1 January to July 1995

Content Analysis of Malaya Using the Concept of Problematic Situation (An Approach to the Study of Communication), Masks and Voices, June- October 1996.

Silent Reading, Chamber Theatre and Acting: A Study on the Effects on Comprehension and Aesthetic Appreciation of Narrative LIterature Masks and Voices, Vol. 1 No.1 January to June 1993

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