Barya Kada Kanta

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<Carolino, B. U. (2015). 'Barya Kada Kanta:’ A case study on the exploitation of visually impaired singers in MRT stations, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

The study probes the exploitation of PWDs that perform musical renditions in MRT stations. To do so, the program was evaluated through the welfare of the visually-impaired participants. Welfare is defined through the lens of self-determination and sustainability. The government and non-government organizations included in the program were researched on based on their involvement with the said program and the participants. The general state of PWDs was also taken into consideration in the study. Inaccessible social services especially health and education lead to unqualified and discriminated members of the workforce. Several laws and policies to aid the support and integration were passed. Full implementation of these laws, however, is yet to be realized. After intensive research from interviews and participant observations, it was found that the program capitalizes on disability more than skill and multiplies the image of PWDs as a separate or discriminated group instead of integrating them into society. The program also proves to be prone to even more forms of exploitation, as the monitoring of the welfare of PWDs is loose, if not absent at all.>

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