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Balay Kalinaw, also known as [[Ikeda Hall]] or Balay Internasyonal
#REDIRECT [[UP Balay Internasyonal]]
The UP Balay Internasyonal was inaugurated in 1993. It was one of the many important projects of then UP President, Dr. [[Jose V. Abueva]]. It has for its facilities the [[Kapit-Balay Service Apartments]] , and the Balay Kalinaw/ Ikeda Hall which offer  the ideal venue for many academic and related events, civic and cultural activities and other social gatherings. It caters not only to the needs of the University and its community but also to many non-government offices, private and industrial organizations as well as individual clients.
Its 3-storey building houses a conference hall, 2 dining rooms and 4 seminar rooms to accommodate various types of events and activities for small or big groups.
[[Image:BalayKalinaw1.jpg|300 px]][[Image:BalayKalinaw2.jpg|300 px]]

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