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Dr. Luis Ma. T. Boot


Associate Dean for Resources and Facilities of the College of Science
Associate Professor at The National Institute of Physics

Courses handled

Physics 111
Physics 112
Physics 73


  • L. Jirkovsky and L. Bo-ot, ‘Momentum Transport Equation for the Fluids Using Projection-Perturbation Formalism and Onset of Turbulence’, Physica A, 352 (2005) 241.
  • G. Blantocas, P. Mateum, R. Orille, R. Ramos, J. Monasterial, H. Ramos and L. Bo-ot, ‘Inhibited Flammability and Surface Inactivation of Wood Irradiated by Low Energy Hydrogen Showers (LEHIS)’, Nucl. Inst. & Meth. Phys. Research B, 259 (2007) 875.
  • L. Jirkovsky and L. Ma. Bo-ot, ‘Numerical Tests of a New Molecule-Dependent Momentum Transport Equation’, Physica A, 387 (2008), 5012.
  • L. Jirkovsky, L. Ma. Bo-ot and C-M Chiang, ‘MHD from a Microscopic Concept and Onset of Turbulence in Hartmann Flow’, in press.

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