Austria 2011


Blanco, A.J.A. (2011). Austria 2011. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Families have the unique position of serving as links between individuals and the larger society. It is through the family’s functions of reproduction, biological and psychological support, and training for social participation and citizenship, that society is able to elicit from an individual his contribution.

Families are also unique in providing continuity of social life; it is the major agent in the transmission of culture, political and societal awareness and class consciousness.

A story of consanguinity, disconnection and frivolity, Austria 2011 follows the contemporary bourgeois Austria clan during their Christmas dinner as they are left enmeshed in a network of self-inflicted pain and pretenses.

It is first, a story of personal issues, old wounds and new revelations; second, a commentary on the superficiality of the bourgeoisie; and third, a confirmation of the universal truth that, bittersweet as it may seem, family conflict defies social class.

Keywords: Family, Hegemony, Bourgeoisie, Ideological State Apparatus

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