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Salonga, B.M.P. (2014). Amissio, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Amissio ("Loss") tells of a story of a guilt-racked 17-year old girl who, upon discovering the sudden death of her elder sister, realizes the gravity of her own loss and her irresponsibly uttered words in what would be their last conversation. In the middle of her depression, she finds an advertisement of a product claiming to help fulfill her heart's true wish. She tries using it despite its suspicious nature. But even though she has been given another chance to meet her sister again, it is not all the time that wishes are meant to come true.

This film explores the power of a person's free will and its limitations through loss and implied time travel. As we come to know the extent of our free will, we learn not only to accept our own limitations but also to move on with our lives in a new perspective. It mainly operates on the philosophical concept of relative indeterminism, which is considered to be a compromise between the incompatible free will (libertarianism) and fate (determinism).

Keywords: loss, time loop, relative indeterminism, sibling relationships

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