Abot tanaw

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"Grieving is a personal journey. No two people grieve the same. The handling of that journey and the coping ways of a person who lost a beloved are not clearly defined." -Margena A. Christian, How to Cope with The Loss of a Loved One.

Anthony, a devoted family man, unexpectedly dies from an accident. He then finds himself in a place where dead people, with their own gabays, temporarily stay for forty days before going to their final destination. With some kindness from the Almighty, all the dead have the chance to settle their unfinished business before heading to their final destination. With this chance and guidance from his gabay, Anthony returns home to help his grieving family cope with his death, only to find out that it is he who has not accepted his own fate.

In the point-of-view of the dead and in the context of after- life, in the world of in- between, the film aims to present the grieving process as a personal experience that varies among people depending on their psychological state.

This film also presents how love and relationship transcend beyond death.

Keywords: Short Film, Grieving

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