A descriptive study on real and cyber activism

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The internet is fast-becoming a tool to satisfy the various needs and lifestyles of its users. Among those who have joined the bandwagon of utilizing the new medium are the socio-political organizations. This descriptive study examined the correlation between online activity and actual participation in socio-political activism by internet users. To supply answers to this inquiry with regards to the role of the internet in Philippine activism, data from 150 survey respondents and 4 key informants were analyzed. The internet plays a role in widening the reach of socio-political campaigns. Deepening the participation of online activists remains to be one of the challenges that socio-political parties face. The need to self-actualize can only be achieved in one’s actual participation. The internet becomes instrumental to an individual’s search for Self-actualization only when it is able to bridge the virtual and the actual.

Solajes, F.R.T. (2010). “Online ACTIV[?]ism: A descriptive study on real and cyber activism,” Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

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Subject Index: Advocacy advertising, Political activists, Political participation, Self-actualization (Psychology, Social advocacy