A Case Study of Blogging and Blog Advertisements

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This study examines the problem on how bloggers make use of blog advertisements to gratify their needs in blogging. The objectives of the research include describing the relationship of the bloggers and the advertisers, and explaining the processes involved in this phenomenon. Moreover, this study tackles the different uses and needs of the bloggers which are met or otherwise by putting up blog advertisements. Online focus interviews of twelve professional bloggers serve as the main method in gathering data. The Uses and Gratifications Approach was used to guide the researcher throughout the conduct and analysis of the study. Results show that the blog advertisements are essentially fulfilling the blogger’s needs by gratifying and supporting the four main media-person typologies which are the diversion, personal identity, personal relationships and surveillance. As for the social and psychological needs of the bloggers, each category has satisfied the blogger’s life with the use of blog advertisements. The five social and psychological needs are the cognitive needs, affective needs, personal integrative needs, social integrative needs and tension release needs. Through the results of the study, the researcher concludes that a majority of the blogger respondents make use of the blog advertisements as a primary source of income. After trying out blogging as a hobby or as an extra activity, blogging becomes their full time occupation because of the good monetary compensation. And from this benefit, all other aspects of the blogger’s life have been gratified as previously discussed. However, some bloggers still maintain their nine-to-five jobs and consider blogging as a secondary source of income. Since blog advertising is one of the popular phenomena today, the researcher recommends that future studies be done on blog advertising in comparison with the traditional medium of advertising on print, radio and television. Likewise, methods like focus group discussions and expert interviews are also suggested by the researchers to make a more in-depth study.

Apostol, K.A. (2010). A Blog’s Life: A Case Study of Blogging and Blog Advertisements, Unpublished Undergraduate Dissertation, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication

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Subject Index: Blogs, Internet Advertising