2007 PPE Inventory Committee

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11 December 2007

Ref. No. MDGT-2007-19

To: All Deans, Directors, and Head of Units

Subject: 2007 PPE Inventory Committee

Thank you for sending your representatives to the first PPE Inventory and Procurement Seminar last 27 November 2007 at the SPMO Conference Room (Attachment 1). In this connection, we are recommending that the same participants be designated as members of your unit's 2007 PPE Inventory Committee. The unit's Inventory Committee members will be guided and supervised by a Supply Officer (SO) from the Supply and Property Management Office (SPMO). For the particular SO assigned to your unit, kindly see Attachment 2.

Each unit's 2007 PPE Inventory Committee is composed of three members who are entitled to a one-shot honorarium of P 1,000 each, chargeable to your unit's Personnel Savings.

Should there be a need for the committee members to work during the mandatory leave period (20,21,26,27 and 28 December) to finish the inventory-taking in your unit; the members may be allowed to file a leave of absence for such period for your recommendation for disapproval of the Vice Chancellor for their accumulated leave credits.

For your information and guidance.

Mary Delia G. Tomacruz
Vice-Chancellor for Administration