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Payongayong, E.M.C. (2016). (Un)Seenzoned: Social Media Use of a Visually Impaired Facebook User, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication


This study examines the way a visually impaired utilizes social media by determining how a person with visual impairment utilizes the social networking site Facebook and identifying the role of this social media platform in her daily routines. The unit of analysis of this study is a blind Facebook user. This was determined through purposive sampling. The assistive tools used by a person with visual impairment to access Facebook are listed down, as well as the obstacles encountered during the use of these tools. Facebook posts were categorized through content analysis. This led to the determination of her motivations of using Facebook in spite of the obstacles. These obstacles were pinpointed through interviews and a think-aloud observation. This research found that a screen reader is the primary assistive tool used by visually impaired users in accessing Facebook. However, these tools are not without flaws. These hindrances, however, did not stop the respondent from maximizing her Facebook experience and utilizing it for communication, self-expression, and entertainment.

Keywords: visually impaired, social media, Facebook, utilize

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