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UP Economics Society
Established September 1958
Organization Type Socio-Civic
President Mr. Jose Maria Vargas
Location Room 121 School of Economics, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City
Website http://upecosoc.org/
Contact Us upecosoc@gmail.com

The UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES ECONOMICS SOCIETY (UP ECOSOC) is a non-stock, non-profit, socio-civic organization, whose existence is hinged on its core belief - Service, Exellence and Tradition. Exemplifying its continued commitment to this thrust, UP Ecosoc engages itself on numerous service-oriented activities, most notable of there is the scholarship that it provides for deserving high school and college students through the Economics Society Scholarship Fund (UP ESSF).


The UP ECONOMICS SOCIETY traces its beginnings to September 1958, when a group of honor students in the College of Business Administration decided to form an organization geared towards the task of tapping and maximizing the potentials of Business Administration, Arts and Sciences students who took Economics as a minor field. They envisioned an erudite elite whose efforts were aimed towards service to the academe and to the community not only through academic excellence but also through socio-civic undertakings.

ECOSOC in the Sixties

The years 1966-67 saw the Society make its mark through its many contributions to the University. Cognizant of its role in the academe, ECOSOC spearheaded the drive in raising funds for projects like two fellowship grants and the donation of books to the CBA. The convocations, student-teacher dialogues, then considered eloquent steps, were germane to economics. Those years were indeed productive years for ECOSOC in as much as the Formal Scholarship Fund for Economics majors was founded.
In 1967, ECOSOC struggled for “independence” from the CBA. It was the assertion of ECOSOC to break free from CBA’s congestion. Then as ever, it was active in its projects and views on campus politics and issues. Also, its Scholarship Fund was continued. To further realize ECOSOC’s commitment to intellectual upliftment, convocations and lecture series featuring professors from here and abroad were held to expound on topics relevant to economics like National Economy and Foreign Trade. 1967 also marked the metamorphosis of the Society from a confined group of honor students to one open to all Economics Majors. It was then that ECOSOC received its first Most Outstanding Organization Award.
ECOSOC was consistent in furthering academic awareness and excellence through convocations and symposia in the late sixties. One of the most important achievements of the Society was its conception of a consolidation of all Economics student organizations in the country. Thus was born the Junior Philippine Economics Society. It aimed to establish and promote goodwill among economics students and helped create awareness and commitment to improve the economic, political and cultural welfare of the Filipino.

ECOSOC in the Seventies

In the seventies, ECOSOC became highly politicized and involved in university and national issues. In 1975, it launched Economic Consciousness Week to instill awareness of current economic trends in the country and thus help create an atmosphere conducive to discussion of basic issues. ECOSOC also spearheaded the formation of the Economics Student Council. It was none other than Dean Jose Encarnacion who delegated to the Society the task of organizing the council.

ECOSOC in the Eighties

The start of the eighties saw ECOSOC sustain its ideas and renew its commitment. Aside from the symposia, tutorials and convocations that were sponsored, its socio-civic projects were at the heights when visits to Bacoor, Bicutan and the various housing areas in the campus were made. Nurseries and medical clinics were sponsored to reach out to the underprivileged in our society. Company tours, contest and fundraisers were also undertaken. As contribution to the Diamond Jubilee of the University, ECOSOC co-sponsored a socio-cultural activity involving the alumni and the parents of the Economics majors. Aside from this, the Society sponsored an Alumni Homecoming. To cap the Society’s Silver Anniversary, it received the prestigious Wenceslao Vinzon’s Award as the Most Outstanding Organization.
In 1986, ECOSOC received the Presidential Award for Outstanding Organization in the entire UP system nationwide. In 1987, it duplicated this feat. The Society’s secret is, of course, its members. Our chief attraction is the opportunity to meet people and to be with people. People with a common resolve to serve, who, in the process, derive a lot of satisfaction; economists who are firm in the belief that people are the best capital, and service is the best investment.
In commemoration of its 30th anniversary, in 1988, it sponsored an Alumni Homecoming held at the Executive House. A Bingo Social was also held to obtain funds for the scholars it supported. It was also during this time that ECOSOC began to grant its members discount privileges by coming out with the official membership cards. In 1989, “Into You”, a trend-setting dance party was held at the Faces Disco. Also on the same year, ECOSOC sponsored a concert of Freddie Aguilar to help build a school in Lagro.

ECOSOC in the Nineties

1990 was a reason to celebrate as it once again received the Presidential Award for Most Outstanding Organization in the entire UP system. 1990’s fundraisers were the Pinoy Wrestling and a disco/concert/fashion show held at Faces Disco – “Sari-Sari Night." The following year, ECOSOC sponsored the movie premiere of “Home Alone” at the Meralco Theater, after which a disco-party was held at Mars Disco. September of 1991, it featured two of the country’s up and coming bands – Artstart and G-steps at the Faces Disco, where our own ECOSOC band pitted talents with them. At the beginning of 1992, ECOSOC introduced the most generous fundraiser ever. “2 Legit 2 Quit” featured the advance screening of two blockbuster movies, “Dead Again” and “Other People’s Money”, both premieres were held at the Meralco Theater. The second night was followed by a concert of the famous Side A Band at the newly opened Music Hall.
ECOSOC takes pride in its many achievements. The many achievements of UP Ecosoc have not been ignored, as it has received the now defunct Wenceslao Vinzon’s award for Most Outstanding Organization four times. It has also been bestowed the Presidential Award for Most Outstanding Organization, the most coveted award in the entire UP System. Recently, the organization received the Gawad Chancellor for Most Outstanding Organization and the Alpha Phi Omega Oblation Award for Best Organization both in 1999. Its manifold contributions to the UP School of Economics are, namely: the establishment of the Scholarship Funds, the establishment of the Junior Philippine Economics Society, its membership in UNISON, its helping to organize the Alumni Association and spearheading the formation of the Economics Student Council.

ECOSOC now and beyond

Today, the University of the Philippines Economics Society remains true to the young, idealistic vision that created it and to the collective sense of service and camaraderie that sustains it. One of the organization's objectives, that of directly contributing as much as the members possibly can to alleviate social problems – has motivated ECOSOC’s establishment of weekend nurseries and day-care activities at nearby Pook Ricarte and weekly tutorials for the sixth graders of San Vicente Elementary School, which are directly supervised by the members themselves. As an academic organization, the Society conducts study groups and tutorials, holds book sales and rentals, publishes a paper, the ECHOES, and even collects sample exams for the benefit of the economic student.
With the start of the new millennium, the Society boasts of one of the largest memberships in the entire UP System, now standing at around two hundred. The Society has become known for its various activities, all of which aim for the well being of its members and the achievement of its goals of SERVICE, EXCELLENCE, and TRADITION. These include company tours, talks and symposia, seminars, various sports events, variety shows, semestral fundraisers, etc. ECOSOC continues to conduct weekly day care sessions for younger children from Pook Ricarte, and semestral Free Clinics for various communities.
Until the first semester of 2003, the society had been sponsoring weekly tutorials for the Grade Six students of Balara Elementary School, with free art, writing, and sports workshops for selected students of the same school. However, a modification in the class schedules of the sixth grade classes from the afternoon to the morning prompted a major change. At present, the society now sponsors the weekly tutorials of the San Vicente Elementary sixth graders – but with the same passion and commitment that has marked their endeavors.
By means of the UP Economics Society Scholarship Fund (ESSF), three deserving students are currently able to go to high school with full scholarships. They are Jonathan Baduria, Kevin Delos Santos, and Seann Vicente.
In 2011, for the first time in its history, the UP Economics Society Scholarship Fund catered to the education of one UP School of Economics student, in an effort to promote economics as a tool for national development.
In 2012, the Society embarked on a new partnership with the GK-NTC Pinag-isang Palad community, with whom Ecosoc holds community-building activities such as the health mission and house builds.
ECOSOC believes that the study of economics cannot be totally isolated from any other social phenomenon and that the UP student, particularly the ECOSOCer, is inherently responsible to the Filipino people. What the student doesn’t learn inside the classroom is learned in the world called ECOSOC.

ECOSOC is a dynamic organization that strives with its motto at hand, “…Paglingkuran ang Diyos, Kapwa at Bayan” – truly a commitment to serve.


The Economics Society envisions itself as a steward of societal advancement, with a firm commitment to be prime movers of

youth dynamism.


The Economics Society strives to promote economic understanding as a step towards change and development in Philippine

society, by moulding its members into holistic individuals that shall mobilize the students of the University to share this task.


Ad Hoc

Headed by the President, Ad Hoc is responsible for the month-long celebration of the Society’s anniversary month every September.

Task Force

Task Force is a special committee headed by the Vice President, and is responsible for the society’s major fundraising event that supports the ESSF. During the first semester, it mounts Musikapella, a chorale competition for high school students.

Academic Affairs

Its responsibility is to make sure that most of the academic needs of the members are met, as well as establish a good relationship with

the UPSE faculty. They hold book rentals, symposia, tutorials, debate trainings and programs for the faculty.

Comunity Development

This committee is known as the heart of Ecosoc. It supervises the weekly tutorials for the Grade 3 students of Balara Elementary School every Monday and the weekly day care sessions for the younger children of Pook Ricarte every Saturday.


Echoes is the official publication of the society. Echoes documents all of the society’s undertakings and provides a venue for Ecosocers with an inclination for writings. This committee manages the organization’s website and it also publishes the literary works, opinions and committee news.

External Affairs

Our “window” to the outside world, Externals updates the society with what’s going on around the college, university and the nation. It coordinates with the students and officers of other Econ organizations through JPES, or the Junior Philippine Economics Society. It also holds symposia and talks for Ecosocers.


Finance is responsible for the monitoring and maintenance of the society’s financial status and releases financial statements for each month. It holds meaningful and timely activities to raise funds for the organization.


Liaison is the society’s coordinator with the alumni. It updates the alumni on the activities the society is holding. It is responsible for updating the alumni database as it grows bigger after every semester. It holds career talks, symposia, company tours, and alumni dinners.


The Membership Committee handles the entire application process. It screens the applicants and monitors the progress of the members of the society. It is primarily responsible in the internal unity of the organization. It also holds the fun-filled Tambay Week every semester.


As a virtual “extended arm” of the Secretary, Seccom is responsible for all paperwork in the society (except the publication) and artwork (posters, production work etc). It is responsible for the decorations as well as the cleanliness of the Ecosoc’s tambayan at SE 121. It also takes charge of the society’s directory, t-shirts, and the applicant’s sigsheet and the Ecosoc calendar.

Special Events

SPEV holds exciting events such as the Treasure or Scavenger Hunt, Vice Night, Christmas Party in line with the organization’s thrusts and the members’ well-being. It also caters to the cultural undertakings of the society.


The Sports Committee takes care of all the sporting events of the society like the Members Bersus Applicants, Race of Thunder, and other Ecosoc tournaments.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, or the Execom, is the highest governing body in the Society. It is composed of 12 members of Committee Chairpersons and Officers. The Execom meets every Friday, 12:00-1:00pm at the tambayan.

Special Committees

The Constitution Committee is in charge ofthe constitution’s revisions and amendments.
The Commission on Elections is in charge of the election held towards the end of the first semester.
The Scholarship Committee is composed of the guardians of the scholars, the President, the Treasurer and the CDC chairperson. They are the ones in-charge of the well-being of the scholars.


  • 2nd Place, [LENTE], Best Organizational Activity (Junior Philippine Economics Society), 2007
  • 3rd Place, [National Youth Congress], Best Organizational Activity (Junior Philippine Economics Society), 2007
  • 2nd Place, [Brylle Baluyot, Daryl Evangelista, Glai Villanueva], Ecoknowmics 2007 Quiz Bee (Junior Philippine Economics Society), 2007
  • 3rd Place, [Brylle Baluyot], Ecoknowmics 2007 Quiz Bee, Individual Category (Junior Philippine Economics Society), 2007
  • Champion, Futsal (Junior Philippine Economics Society), 2007
  • Champion, [Brylle Baluyot, Daryl Evangelista, Jinky Cajulao], Ecolympiad’s National Quiz Bee (Philippine Council for Economic Students), 2006
  • Champion, [Brylle Baluyot, Daryl Evangelista, Jinky Cajulao], Ecolympiad’s National Case Study (Philippine Council for Economic Students), 2006
  • Quarterfinalist, [Janica Magat, Katz Manzano, Inna Morillo], National Debate Championship (Philippine Council for Economic Students), 2006
  • 2nd place, Best Org Event (Junior Philippine Economics Society): Summit on Human, Social and Intellectual Capital Formation, 2004
  • Champion, Community Work – School Based, 2nd Quezon City Youth Achievers Awards (Office of the Vice Mayor of Quezon City), 2003 (trophy with plaque)
  • Champion, Individual Category, 15th Ecoknowmics (Junior Philippine Economics Society), 2003
  • 1st Place, 1st Intercollegiate Frisbee Tournament (Jack N Jill Nova), 2003
  • Champion, 13th Ecoknowmics (Junior Philippine Economics Society), 2001
  • 1st Runner-up, Debates (UP Diliman Debate Circuit), 2001
  • 2nd Runner-up, Splatt: 1st Paintball Challenge (UP Economics Society), 2001
  • Runner-up, Lorenzo M. Tañada National Debate Tournament – Metro Manila Area (Paragon of Scholarship Foundation Inc.), 2000
  • Most Outstanding Student Organization (Gawad Chancellor), 1999
  • Oblation Award for Best Student Organization (Alpha Phi Omega), 1999
  • 1st Place, Carolfest ’99 (UP Junior Finance Association), 1999
  • Champion, “Square Tayo” Trivia Quiz Show (UP School of Economics Student Council), 1998
  • Champion, Himig ng Kapaskuhan: Carolfest ’98 (UP Junior Finance Association), 1998
  • 2nd Runner-up, Ecoknowmics (Junior Philippine Economics Society), 1998
  • 1st Place, Kantahan at Kapayapaan sa Kapaskuhan: 17th Annual Carolfest (UP Junior Finance Association), 1997
  • Champion, Trimeet – Soccer (ADMU-DLSU-UP), 1997
  • Champion, Trimeet – Mixed Volleyball (ADMU-DLSU-UP), 1997
  • 1st Place, 14th Annual Carolfest (UP Junior Finance Association), 1995
  • Champion, Debates (Junior Philippine Economics Society), 1994
  • Champion, Economics Debate Competition (UP Economics Towards Consciousness), 1994
  • Runner-up, Slow-Pitch Softball Tournament (UP College of Human Kinetics), 1994
  • 2nd Runner-up, Ecoknowmics (Junior Philippine Economics Society), 1993
  • 1st Place, Sounds in Season: 11th Annual Carolfest (UP Junior Finance Association), 1991
  • 1st Place, Memories for Two (Pan Xenia Ladies’ Corps), 1990
  • 2nd Place, 2nd Inter-Organization Economics Quiz (Rotary Club of Kalookan Central), 1990
  • Champion, Spikefest ’89 (UP Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants), 1989
  • 1st Place, Memories for Two (Pan Xenia Fraternity), 1989
  • 1st Runner-up, Tri-Meet Interschool Sportsfest – Obstacle Course (DLSU Council of Student Organizations), 1989
  • 2nd Place, Himig ’89 (UP Corps of Cadets), 1989
  • 2nd Runner-up, Ecoknowmics (Junior Philippine Economics Society), 1989
  • Presidential Award to UP ECOSOC Choir, in recognition of Caroling Taskforce and as Carolfest * 87 Champion (UP President), 1988
  • 1st Place, Memories for Two (Pan Xenia Fraternity), 1988
  • 1st Place, Interschool Economics Quiz (Junior Philippine Economics Society), 1987
  • 1st Place, Carolfest ’87 (UP Junior Finance Association), 1987
  • Best Choreography, Carolfest ’87 (UP Junior Finance Association), 1987
  • Best Rendition of Contest Piece, Carolfest ’87 (UP Junior Finance Association), 1987
  • 1st Place, Charades (UP Junior Finance Association), 1987
  • Champion, Carolfest ’86 (UP Junior Finance Association), 1986
  • Best Rendition of Contest Piece, Carolfest ’86 (UP Junior Finance Association), 1986
  • 2nd Place, 6th Ecoknowmics (Junior Philippine Economics Society), 1986
  • Presidential Award for Most Outstanding Organization (UP President), 1985
  • 3rd Place, Memories for Two (Pan Xenia Fraternity), 1985
  • 3rd Place, Carolfest ’85 (UP Junior Finance Association), 1985
  • 2nd Place, Carolfest (UP Junior Finance Association), 1984
  • 2nd Place, Sportsfest (Junior Philippine Economics Society), 1984
  • 2nd Place, Ang Musikong Kristiyano Bilang Isang Pilipino – Group Singing Category, 1984
  • Champion, Academic Committee Inter-Org Kiamoy Quiz Show (UP Economics Society), 1983
  • 3rd Place, Himig ’83 (UP Corps of Cadets), 1983
  • Champion, School of Economics Quizonomics (UPSE Student Council), 1982
  • Best Rendition of Contest Piece, Carolfest ’82 (UP Junior Finance Association), 1982
  • Special Prize Winner, 3rd Annual Carolfest (UP Junior Finance Association), 1981
  • 2nd Place, Carolfest ’80 (UP Junior Finance Association), 1980
  • 3rd Runner-up, Quadmeet (IE ECOSOC UPZS UPSCA), 1976
  • Overall Champion, Tri-Sectoral Sports Festival (UP School of Economics), no date
  • Overall Champion, B.A.S.E. Games – Org Category (Pan Xenia), no date
  • 2nd Place, Ecoknowmics (Junior Philippine Economics Society), no date
  • 3rd Runner-up, Ecoknowmics (Junior Philippine Economics Society), no date
  • Tilaukan Winner, no presenter, no date
  • Winner, [Marian Panganiban], Best Economics Student (Junior Philippine Economics Society), 2007
  • Finalist, [Inna Morillo, Katz Manzano and Erica Manuel], Motions in Motions Debate, JPES, 2008
  • Winner, Solstice: Dating Marathon Till the Break of Dawn, Best Party Event (Astring-O-Sol Challenge), 2008
  • 2nd Place, Dodgeball, JPES Sportsfets, 2009
  • 3rd Place, Michael Anabo, Table Tennis, JPES Sportsfest, 2009
  • Winner, Basketball, JPES Sportsfest, 2009
  • Winner, [John Gan & Dom Garcia], Badminton Doubles, JPES SPortsfest, 2009
  • Winner, [John Gan], Badminton Singles, JPES Sportsfest, 2009
  • Three-peat Winners, Futsal, JPES Sportsfest, 2009
  • Winner, [Michael Anabo], Stock Trading Game, Philippine Stock Exchange and JPES, 2009

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