Uncovering The Naked Truth: A Textual Analysis On The Television Presentation Of The Bench Denim and Underwear Show

Uncovering The Naked Truth: A Textual Analysis On The Television Presentation Of The Bench Denim And Underwear Show


Lim, Y. I. L. (2017). Uncovering The Naked Truth: A Textual Analysis on the Television Presentation of the Bench Denim and Underwear Show. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

Fashion shows have constantly been part of a country’s culture and continue to exist as cultural products. Specifically in the Philippines, fashion shows previously featured models fully clothed until the onset of Bench Denim and Underwear shows. The emergence of media has allowed viewers to watch these shows in their own homes. This thesis focused on the television presentation of the 2014 Bench ‘The Naked Truth’ Denim and Underwear Show. Unlike the previous Bench undergarment shows that were not documented, the 2014 fashion show aired on ABS-CBN. This study tackled the different elements present in the television presentation of this fashion show and their implications to Filipino culture. The researcher utilized the method of textual analysis and Stuart Hall’s Theory of Representation to analyze the data collected. From the analysis of the media text, the television presentation of Bench ‘The Naked Truth’ contained several elements, namely music, stage design, costumes and props, models, camera shots, narrative/theme, and publicity materials. These elements implied several characteristics of Filipino culture namely idolatry of celebrities, objectification of women, patriarchy, homosexuality, rise of social media, and the standards to be considered handsome/beautiful. These elements contributed to the success of the fashion show and imply much about the Filipino cultural identity.

Keywords: Filipino culture, Bench The Naked Truth, undergarment show

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