UP Career Assistance Program

University of the Philippines
Career Assistance Program

Organization Type Professional Organization
Affiliated Colleges UP College of Business Administration and UP School of Economics
Location College of Business Administration, UP Diliman
Website http://www.upcapbase.org/
Contact Us upcap@upcapbase.org

The UP Career Assistance Program College of Business Administration-School of Economics, often abbreviated as UP CAP CBA-SE, is a service organization committed to providing students from the UP College of Business Administration and the UP School of Economics with the assistance they need to launch their careers after college.

The entire organization is composed of 100 CAP members all devoted toward servicing more than 400 BS Business Administration, BS Business Administration and Accountancy, BS Business Economics, and BS Economics graduates during an academic year.


Organization Overview

The Career Assistance Program is a service organization committed to helping BS BA, BS BAA, BS BE, and BS Econ students get good jobs and fulfilling careers as they leave the relative safety of the University to face the challenges of the real world.


CAP seeks to enable graduates and the corporate world to interact, know each other, and address each other's needs. CAP is the vital link that connects these two different worlds so that, together, they each can achieve their goals and live out their dreams.


To fulfill its objectives, CAP has numerous activities in store for the soon-to-be job seeker. We compile and print materials which deal with job-seeking methods, resume formats, cover letters, and the like.
With the assistance of resource persons from top companies, we conduct mock interviews, and other simulations to familiarize students with current hiring procedures and practices. CAP also publishes a compendium of the resumes of the participants, copies of which are sent to partner firms seeking new hires.
But our objective is not just to prepare the graduate for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Ultimately, CAP's success is based on the fulfilling careers that our participants will select. Currently, the entire organization is composed of more than 100 CAP members, all devoted to servicing the more than 350 BS Business Administration, BS Business Administration and Accountancy, BS Business Economics, and BS Economics graduates.


The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides direction for CAP. The Chairperson acts as the overall head of the organization, while the three directors guide their respective departments. The Board ensures the success of events and projects through an effective and collaborative leadership.

Logistics Department

The Logistics Department coordinates all activities internal to CAP. It is responsible for the manning of all activities and other event day miscellany like food and venue preparations. It ensures that graduating students are informed of the event date and location through SMS, e-mail, and room-to-room announcements.

Marketing Department

The Marketing Department is the revenue-generating arm of the organization. It hunts, screens, and coordinates with company sponsors who participate in CAP's events in exchange for either financial or in-kind support.

Publications Department

While Logistics handles the legwork of event publicity, the Publications Department is in charge of all of CAP's printed and online publications. This includes the design and printing of posters, maintainance of the website, and production of all of CAP's principal publications: the Opus, KAPI, TAJA handbook, and Souvenir Program. Other projects include the production of IDs, directories, calling cards, t-shirts, certificates and tokens for CAP.


First Semester Events

From Left to Right: General Assembly, CAPture, Series and INDORS: Industry Orientation Seminar

General Assembly

The General Assembly is held at the beginning of each semester. The entire organization: directors, assistant directors and their staff meet about what to expect in the coming months. Members are addressed by the board of directors, or sometimes a guest speaker, and are invited to participate in several planning and team-building activities.


Capture is the organization’s recruitment week held at the beginning of the school year. A gallery and registration booth are set up and invitations are distributed to all graduating students to encourage them to avail of the organization’s services.


Series aims to help students discover their interests and find the career path that is right for them. A series of tests is administered to determine each student’s personality type; findings are then matched to suitable career options.

INDORS: Industry Orientation Seminar

The Industry Orientation Seminar is a two-day activity intended to introduce students to different industries such as Manufacturing, Banking, Pharmaceutical, among others. Speakers are invited from the top companies of several industries to orient students on the possibilities that await them in each major industry and to discuss possible career paths and opportunities for growth and personal development through a panel discussion and open forum.

Second Semester Events

From Left to Right: TAJA: Total Approach to Job Application, COERS: Company Company Exposure and Recruitment Seminar and CAP Week: Job Fair

TAJA: Total Approach To Job Application

The Total Approach to Job Application orients CBA and SE students in the job application process. It tackles several topics that range from resume writing and power dressing to job interviews. Speakers are invited from leading companies to talk about the “what” and the “what-not” to do in the application processes and to answer questions and concerns of students during the open forum.

COERS: Company Exposure and Recruitment Seminar

This event introduces graduating students to different companies. Speakers are given an opportunity to “sell” their companies to the students, and to explain the employment opportunities that they offer.

CAP Week

This event is a weeklong job fair that brings the biggest names from different industries to the university. Students are given a chance to choose among a wide array of companies, learn about various career opportunities, submit their resumes, and ultimately, get one step closer to getting their dream jobs.


This event is a mixer for graduating students and company recruiters or prospective employers. It aims to give students a chance to meet and greet with professionals from different companies and industries.