The political economy of eugenio lopez jr. center for media arts senior high school

Baquilod, J. B. P. (2017). The Political Economy of Eugenio Lopez Jr. Center for Media Arts Senior High School, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

This case study aims to provide an institutional analysis of ABS-CBN University’s Eugenio Lopez Jr. Center for Media Arts Senior High School (ELJSHS) following the implementation of K-12 program of the Department of Education. Using political economy of communication as its framework, the study aims to answer the question: How does the establishment of the Eugenio Lopez Jr. Center for Media Arts Senior High School fit into the political economic operations of ABS-CBN as a conglomerate? In order to answer the question, the researcher aims to 1) identify the mission and vision statement of ELJSHS; 2) find out the shareholders of the school and their relationships with one another; 3) study the curriculum of the two-year senior high school program; and to 4) identify the possible academic and career opportunities available to the students after finishing the program. Using constant comparative analysis and political economic induction and extrapolation through document analysis and interview, the researcher concludes that the establishment of ELJSHS is an investment for the production of ABS-CBN’s future media laborers. Finally, the researcher suggests further and more comprehensive study on the topic by using different study framework and expansion of research methodology, all for promotion and improvement of media literacy and practice.

KEYWORDS: political economy, case study, ABS-CBN, ELJSHS, conglomerate

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