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DILC Uploader

Uploader link: DILC Uploader

The DILC Uploader was originally created to address the need for a better system of uploading thesis on iskwiki. For any thesis submitted via the DILC Uploader, the system has full support for Flipbook uploads. "PDF only" uploads will be supported on future updates. In the meantime, PDF files (including theses) may be uploaded here.

The DILC Uploader is also ideal for sending/submitting large files (i.e. videos, presentations and other multimedia materials) to DILC.

file size / type limit

The current file size limit of the uploader is about 100MB. For thesis upload, only the flipbook version of thesis is accepted.

access restrictions

The use of the DILC Uploader is restricted to users with UP WebMail accounts only.

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