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Founded in 1962, the UP Tau Rho Xi Fraternity counts among its members several men and scholars coming from a wide spectrum of society, who have eventually excelled in their respective fields of endeavor. Strongly bonded by the spirit of brotherhood, our members remain committed to promoting each individual’s well being through quality education, and using as well as enhancing one’s skills and abilities for the advancement of our country, our Alma Mater—the University of the Philippines, and our fellowmen.

With this as a guiding principle, the fraternity established the Chris Montes Scholarship Foundation in honor of a departed brother, to help the university expand its financial assistance to needy but deserving sectors of the studentry. On it’s 40th anniversary, the fraternity turned over an initial donation amounting to P200,000 to the University of the Philippines under the Chris Montes Scholarship Fund (CMS Fund). Aside from the CMS Fund, another scholarship initiative was also launched to support qualified members of the fraternity.

Our brotherhood extends beyond mere scholarship assistance. We offer close friendship, camaraderie, and an opportunity to learn inside, as well as outside, of the traditional classroom and university setting. We offer an environment of mutual respect and support, unequalled by most other organizations. All in order to bring out the best in our members.


History of UP Tau Rho Xi Fraternity

The story of Tau Rho Xi began in 1962. During the first semester of 1962-63 at the University of the Philippines' College of Arts and Sciences, six friends, all sophomores from diverse majors and hometowns, had the vision of a new fraternity. The founders were René M. Capitulo, a Pre-med major from Moncada, Tarlac; Willie Chanco, an Engineering. major from Manila; Eugene Estanislao, a Political Science major from Tondo, Manila; Hunfry Estacio, a Pre-med major from Quezon City; Ven Banzon, a Pre-med from Balanga, Bataan; and Tito Ravasco an Engineering major from Caloocan, Rizal.

Each of the founders spent time researching at the University of the Phillipines Library to find a symbolic Greek letter name, motto, and goal, to make meaning for the new fraternity. A simple constitution and by-laws were written by the founders. The name, Tau Rho Xi, was selected with the initials T & R of these Greek letters to signify "The Right Ones." Rene Capitulo suggested the motto, "Omnia Vincit" meaning "Conquers All." The motto was taken from the Latin motto "Amor Omnia Vincit," meaning "love conquers all," dropping the "Amor" or "love." The founders felt this was appropriate as it sounded powerful and was all encompassing: conquering truth, adversity, including love. Tau Rho Xi's initial goals were simple: brotherhood, loyalty and determination. As a Greek letter society, the founders were dedicated to forming a community that was supportive of each other and provided a place to come together for fellowship, exchange ideas, develop leadership skills, make lifelong friends and prepare members for life.

In December, 1962, the Fraternity was formally organized and the founders were elected as its first officers with Rene Capitulo as the leader. New members, "neophytes," were immediately recruited following the traditional initiation rites and rituals of Greek letter fraternities. Most new "brods" were friends and classmates of the founders. They included Dante Llacuna, Rudy Medina, "Jung" Pineda, Ted Corpuz, Jimmy Francisco, Ed Saniel to name a few. They were attracted to Tau Rho Xi because they believed that being part of this brotherhood would increase their success in the college community, their academic life, and in their future professional careers. There were challenges, however. In its early years, Tau Rho Xi was not officially sanctioned by the University. Consequently, all activities were "underground." Meetings often were held in secret in the Education building and at the Narra Residence Hall, where René Capitulo and many of the first recruits lived. Several years later, Tau Rho Xi was officially recognized by the University of the Philippines as a fraternity.

Much of the history of Tau Rho Xi was made by generations of brods who came after the founders. Brods have gone on to successful careers and lives around the globe. The ideals of Tau Rhox Xi continue to live on in all the members throughout the world.

Roll of Past Most Eminent Rhocsans

1962-1963 Rene Maravilla Capitulo "Ron"
1963-1964 Dante Saludares Llacuna "Dante"
1964-1965 Edmundo Gearlan Saniel "Ed"
1965-1966 Joey Rubrico
1966-1967 Rolando Cruz Matic "Rolly"
1967-1968 Benigno Manalili Marco Jr. "Johny"
1968-1969 Mariano Alfafara Florido Jr. "Jun"
1969-1970 Ramon Mendoza De Leon "Tata Mon"
1970-1971 Ramon Mendoza De Leon "Tata Mon"
1971-1972 Nicardo Garong Falcis "Nicky"
1972-1973 Manolo Moral Condes "Man"
1973-1974 Manolo Moral Condes "Man"
1974-1975 Cleto Ylagan Prudente "Geng"
1975-1976 Rizalino Guerrero Santos "Ritz"
1976-1977 Rolando Falsis Unas "Rolly"
1977-1978 Rolando Falsis Unas "Rolly"
1978-1979 Jose Valera Bello IV "Turry"
1979-1980 Christopher Torre Tan "Chris"
1980-1981 Froilan Asuncion Bagabaldo "Lanie" and Roberto Maria Cañete Gastardo "Boy G"
1981-1982 Pedrito Apo Figueroa "Peggy"
1982-1983 Redentor Falsis Unas "Reddy"
1983-1984 Teddy Honorio
1984-1985 Samuel Asuncion Cu "Sammy" and Joel Quitco
1985-1986 Rey Simon
1986-1987 Mario Imperial Molina "Manong"
1987-1988 Mario Imperial Molina "Manong"
1988-1989 Melchor Paje Antonio "Mel"
1989-1990 Randolph Articulo "Randy"
1990-1991 Randolph Articulo "Randy"
1991-1992 Randolph Articulo "Randy"
1992-1993 John Arvin Manaloto "Arvin"
1993-1994 Jordan Gerong Apat "Jordz" and Bernard Cauyan Capellan "Enat"
1994-1995 Christopher Cuas Puyal "Chris"
1995-1996 Winston De la Torre Novo "Wins"
1996-1997 Alvaro Panesares Peñaflor II "Alvin"
1997-1998 Magdaleno Rigodon Vasquez Jr. "Jong"
1998-1999 Edgar Pasuelo Gellada "Gary"
1999-2000 Liberato A. San Antonio Jr. "Jun"
2000-2001 Liberato A. San antonio Jr. "Jun"
2001-2002 Jimrhic Brazal Obias "Jimrhic"
2002-2003 Peter Paul S. Pasculado "Pete"
2003-2004 Joel Aguirre
2004-2005 Ian Castillon "Choi" and Jaime Marasigan
2005-2006 Florante Salcedo Jr. "JR"
2006-2007 Joel Torralba Tabarangao "Joel"
2007-2008 Edward Bermido
2008-2009 Marvin Samaniego

The UP Tau Rho Xi Fraternity Alumni Association, Inc.

The UP Tau Rho Xi Fraternity Alumni Association, Inc. (UPTRXFAAI) is a SEC-registered non-profit corporation with members consisting of all alumni members of the UP Tau Rho Xi Fraternity. The alumni association serves as a counterpart and supporting body for the resident Directorate and is responsible for the formulation of policies and guidelines, as well as the collection, generation and disbursement of funds involving such projects as the Chris Montes scholarship, financial aids, and others.

A set of officers and Board of Directors represents and manages the affairs of the association. These are currently composed of the following Officers:

President  : Ramon "Tata" De Leon
Corporate Secretary : Atty. Froilan "Lani" Bagabaldo
Treasurer : Caesar "Bits" Claudio
Board of Directors
  • Ramon "Tata" De Leon
  • Rolando "Rolly" Unas
  • Edgar "Garry" Gellada
  • Magdaleno "Jong" Vasquez Jr.
  • Froilan "Lani" Bagabaldo
  • Caesar "Bits" Claudio