PROdUSER: Understanding the Utility of YouTube among College Students Based on their Media Satisfaction


YouTube, as a user-generated medium, is changing today’s media landscape. It allows the audience a greater degree of control over consuming media content, enabling users to produce and upload their own content and patronize content uploaded by other users. As guided by the Integrated Model of Audience Choice, Expectancy-Value Theory and Activity Theory and using Uses-and-Gratifications approach as frame, this study looks at how college students consume and produce YouTube videos. Motivations for and evaluation of consuming and producing YouTube videos were examined and connected to the fulfillment of such motivations to analyze their media satisfaction. Focus Interviews and Self-Administered Surveys were used to collect and gather data for the study. The findings reveal that college students access YouTube usually at night, from 6:00 pm to 11:59 pm. As with traditional media, entertainment and information remain the primary purposes for consuming content. Being a user-generated medium, it is viewed as a modern day television and cinema where, as active audiences, they are given the opportunity to make conscious choices based on their motivations and personal attributes. Moreover, YouTube’s offer of enabling users to produce their own content is seen as a revolution to the mass communication process in that it gives users additional power over media content.

Aganon, J. N. S. & Medina, A. C. D. (2010). PROdUSER: Understanding the Utility of YouTube among College Students Based on their Media Satisfaction. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication

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Subject Index: Selection of nonbook materials, Consumption (Economics) in motion pictures, Mass media, Internet