Metro Manila FM Radio Industry Transformation or Deviation for Continued Existence

Obusan, M.K.B. & Palmos, R.J.M. (2011). Metro manila FM radio industry: transformation or deviation for continued existence, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines Diliman College of Mass Communication

This study explored the current landscape of the Metro Manila FM radio industry, in terms of economic, political and technological factors that influence ownership and content. It looked at the reasons why several players in the industry chosen to adopt strategies for survival such as reformatting, crossing media and maintaining status quo. Guided by the perspectives of Mc Quail’s McQuail’s Economic Principles of Media Structure and Lasswell’s Structure and Function of Communication in Society, it was able to characterize the Metro Manila FM radio industry both as a social institution and as a profit-driven endeavour. In-depth interviews with chief staff of three broadcast FM radio stations and two internet radio stations were done to look into the current state and possible scenario for the future of Metro Manila FM radio. Contrary to what critics of radio say, findings of the study show that FM radio is not dying. It has, in fact, unique characteristics that may ensure its continued existence. However, it must continue to reinvent itself to keep up with new entertainment technologies and to remain relevant to its audience.

Subject Index: Mass Media, Radio

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