Guideline for the Installation of Tarpaulin Stands in college/ Units

Office of the vice-chancellor for Community Affairs

19 February 2009

Memorandum no. CGCG-09-31

For : All Deans, Directors

Subject : Guidelines for the installation of Tarpaulin Stands in Colleges/ Units

Please be advised that the Office of the chancellor has approved the following guidelines for the installation of tarpaulin stands in colleges/ units:

1. The tarpaulin stand must:

a. not obscure the overall architectural integrity of the building;
b. not be obtrusive;
c. not be right next to the sidewalk;
d. be made of steel and steel matting (billboard size will not exceed 1.5 m x 2.56 m. Larger billboards will be subject to approval);
e. not obstruct crucial views of oncoming traffic;

2. the college / unit is responsible to monitoring of the content of the stand. Only University-recognized organization shall be allowed use of these billboards.

The design and location are subject to approval of the Designed Environment committee and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for community Affairs.

For your reference and guidance.

Vice Chancellor for community Affairs