Exploring the Circuit of Culture of Selected "One More Chance" Online Fans

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Based on the premise of the Grounded Theory Method, this research progressed boldly without conjectures, looking primarily into the fans of the film One More Chance as the main text, rather than the movie itself or the meanings held within and by it, and the cultural practices performed by the fans.

Initially, the researcher conducted an online survey to describe the general profile and assess attitudes of the fans towards the movie. This assessment scale was adopted from Suckfüll and Scharkow’s Modes of Reception for Fictional Films (2009). Themes were also derived to describe these perceived attitudes. During the next phase, the researcher performed limited single-issue testimonies to select online fans of One More Chance, the primary instrument of this study, which is guided by the typology suggested by McQuail et al. (1972) to document audience uses of the media.

After much data were collected, the researcher perceived certain recurring phenomena with the said fan base as cultural subjects. The Circuit of Culture, theorized by Du Gay et al. (1997), was originally developed to analyze the Sony Walkman as a conventional cultural subject. Taking into account fans to be cultural artifacts that are of depth and meaning, the researcher applied the very corresponding framework to explore select online fans of One More Chance by identifying each elements and articulating their relationships in the circuit.

Goze, P. A. (2011). Exploring the Circuit of Culture of Selected ‘One More Chance’ Online Fans, Unpublished Bachelor of Arts Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

KEYWORDS: fandom, film reception, cultural studies, circuit of culture

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