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iskWiki! is an open-purpose community wiki of the University of the Philippines. It is a repository of information that may be useful in making University life more productive and fulfilling. Documentation on various projects at the University may also be written on this wiki. To know about other possible uses of iskWiki!, you may view President Roman's video, Chancellor Cao's message, or DILC's press release on the launching of iskWiki!. See also its FAQs and Possible Uses.

iskWiki!'s host, the Diliman Interactive Learning Center, reserves the right to delete any page deemed inappropriate or any contribution that violates copyright. (See also iskWiki's Deletion Policy.) Users of DILC services should abide by the terms of the University's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).


Steps in contributing to iskWiki!:

  1. Log in at iskWiki! using your UP Webmail account and correct password.
  2. Using the Search feature of iskWiki!, find out if the article ((or an entry similar to what) you're about to contribute is already available or not, by clicking on and examining the relevant results.
  3. If a similar page already exists, try to integrate your information into the existing page rather than start a new one. Click on Edit at the bottom of the page, type in your revision or additional information, and click on Show Preview before clicking on Save page. You're done!
  4. If your information is entirely new or you have good reason to believe it requires a separate page, open another tab or window and insert the locator (with your title appended) into the web address text field and press Enter in your keyboard. The resulting page should say There is currently no text in this page, you can search for this page title in other pages or edit this page.
  5. Click on Edit this page, type in your contents and, when you're done, click on Show Preview before clicking on Save page.


  • For further instructions on how to create or edit pages, click here or here.
  • On the lowest portion of your article, make sure you inserted the template Category. Its mnemonic is [[Category:Category]]. For complete list of categories, please click here. Categories are case sensitive.
  • If there is conflicting information or any stylistic questions, it's always good to err on the side of caution and politeness by talking it out with fellow contributors. Click on History | Username | Talk.
  • iskWiki! is primarily a learning platform. If you think that part of an entry is wrong, work to correct it: research, show some proof, cite authoritative sources. If you think a sentence on iskWiki is going to make Strunk and White turn in their graves, by all means, play the "grammar police". But, most of all, it's good to assume that people on iskWiki are well meaning.

Current Developer

  • John Mark Roco

Past Developers

  • Jastinne Macalalad
  • John Rhio Saloma
  • Emildryn Camtugan
  • Mark Lean Magbanua

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