Colloquium on Informed Consent in Genomic Research

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Friday, Oct 12, 2012, 2-5pm
Natural Sciences Research Institute (NSRI)
Quirino & Velasquez St
University of the Philippines
Diliman, QC

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This Colloquium is a conversation on the concept of "informed consent" as it applies to genomic research, especially in the Philippines. Resource persons will discuss their experiences vis-a-vis the operationalization of "informed consent" in institutions, in review processes, and in the fields. Implications of "informed consent" guidelines and practices will be explored as well.

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Tentative Program

  • Welcome - Dr Carmencita David Padilla (Executive Director, Philippine Genome Center)
  • "Informed-Consent Related Issues in ERC Submissions" - Prof Edlyn Jimenez (Coordinator, University of the Philippines Manila Research Ethics Board)
  • "Informed Consent in Human Genomic Research" - Dr Eva Maria Cutiongco-de la Paz (Program Director, PGC Health)
  • "Informed Consent in Forensic Research" - Dr Corazon de Ungria (Program Director, PGC Forensics and Ethnicity Program)
  • "Informed Consent and Genomic Research in the National Ethics Guidelines" - Dr Marita V. Reyes (Philippine Health Research Ethics Board)
  • "Open Consent" - Dr Leonardo de Castro (Head, NUS Program for Capacity Development in Biomedical Ethics)
  • Open Forum (Moderator: Dr Merce Planta, ELSI Group)
  • Closing Remarks - Prof Peter A. Sy (PGC ELSI Program Director)


Email: psy @ kssp . upd . edu . ph

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