Ang Tambuli ng Aparri: A study on how Radyo Natin Aparri plays the role of a Community Radio despite its Commercial Nature.


This study is about Radyo Natin Aparri—the one and only radio station in the town of Aparri, Cagayan Province. Radyo Natin Aparri is a radio station under the Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC). It is a sister company of DZRH. Having these ties, the researcher aims to find out how the station is affected by these connections. This study explored on the current state of the radio station and how it serves the community despite its commercial nature. This study also tried to determine what programs can be produced to encourage actual community participation and volunteerism.

Paolo Freire’s Theory of Pedagogy was integrated with Guy Besette’s Participatory Communication Research Action model and served as the framework which guided this study.

To determine what additional program can be produced based on the youth’s point of view, three focus group discussions were conducted. The researcher interviewed the owner of Radyo Natin Aparri and a representative from MBC to be able to know the current state of Radyo Natin stations nationwide. Immersion by the researcher was also employed to observe Radyo Natin Aparri and the town where it is located.

The study found out that Radyo Natin Aparri is a community radio station through its programs that cater to the community but there is limited participation from the community members in terms of content development and decision making. Resulting from the FGDs, it was concluded that the participants are not yet ready to volunteer for the station to conceptualize and produce a program with them as target listeners. Thus, the objectives of this study to propose a program concept was not achieved. Instead, the researcher, together with the station owner, developed a project that will develop youth volunteerism in the community.

Gujilde, Daniela Y. (2011). Tambuli ng Aparri: A study on how Radyo Natin Aparri plays the role of a community radio station despite its commercial nature. Unpublished Underdgraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines Diliman.

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Subject Index : Community Radio--Cagayan--Philippines